A store selling replica Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany once appeared on this domain. The site owners were ordered to transfer the domain name as a result of a civil contempt order to stop the sale of replicas.

What happened to

To prevent the owners of from continuing to taking advantage of shopper’s high expectations when they see the name Chanel action was taking against them in the Northern District of Californian District Court which resulted in Chanel and Louis Vuitton being awarded the domain and others operated by the same individuals.

What was on

The Chanel section of the store included three sections “Chanel Handbags,” “Chanel Cambon” and “Chanel Flap.” The Chanel Handbags section alone had 15 pages of replica handbags including a “Chanel Small Leather Pouch A35860UU.” This item, offered for $75, was described as being 8.3" x 4.3" x 0.8 (W21 X H11 X D2cm) and “made of 100% softest supple lambskin leather” with “gold interior lining with CC logo” and coming with an “authenticity card (with hologram serial number that is the same as the interior serial number),dust bag,and care booklet.” Another replica handbag listed as a “Chanel Perforated Metallic Lambskin Accordion Bag” was offered for $159 or at wholesale for $129. This bag was described as having “silver perforated Lambskin leather and silver chain made of the shoudle bag” and having a “handtailor fastener flap.”

In a section for frequently asked questions the previous operators of has this to say about the quality of the bags they offered:

It is honorable to notice that all of our bags are in the 7 stars mirror image quality. In the bags industry, only 7 stars mirror image quality product will be 99% the same as the real one.

These claims that replicas are of mirror image quality to a genuine Chanel handbag are frequently made but are untrue. The highest quality materials and patient attention to detail which makes each genuine Chanel handbag an object of luxury and style is absent from replica handbags which are made as cheaply and quickly as possible.