A store selling replica Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany once appeared on this domain. The site owners were ordered to transfer the domain name as a result of a civil contempt order to stop the sale of replicas.

The Truth About Replicas

An Internet store once appeared at this domain which offered for sale a wide variety of replica handbags, wallets, belts, scarves, jewelry, watches and sunglasses. Although selling replica handbags and other products is a crime, the stealing of others’ work, passions and creative energies, on the Internet these sites are all too common. They are perpetuated based on the myth, a myth heavily promoted by replica sites, that the replica handbag you could buy and to the genuine handbag or you could buy are virtually indistinguishable from it and that since you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart no one else will be able to tell either. This is emphatically untrue, as most people who have made the unfortunate mistake of buying a replica handbag will tell you.

Chanel handbags are constructed with the highest standards of craftsmanship, with an artist’s eye, employing only the highest quality materials in order to create an enduring object to fashion which will be treasured by its owner for years. On the other hand, those selling replica handbags care about only one thing producing their products as cheaply as they possibly can. The materials they use are greatly the inferior to the materials used to create a genuine Chanel handbag. The artistry which can be found in the contraction of every Chanel handbag is completely missing from replica handbags. In fact people, often including children, are exploited in the replica handbag seller’s quest to ever more cheaply produce their products.

The biggest difference is that where the Chanel stands behind everything they make knowing that they’ve made a high quality product no one stands behind the quality of a replica handbag. One only has to search the Internet to find stories of people disappointed once the replica handbag orders showed up unable to return the products or even get a response from the websites that sold them to them.

Of course this is when the replica handbag show up at all. It stands to reason that since the sellers of replica handbags are ready committing a crime that they have little reluctance in committing others as well, like charging for products that they never ship or charging you twice for a single order.

So the next time you’re tempted into believing the myth that replica handbags are just as good as the genuine item think about what you’ll really be getting and who you will really be dealing with, suddenly that myth won’t seem so believable anymore.